Autumn inspiration


Since our storytelling area was launched at Normanby Hall Country Park this summer, we have had some fantastic workshops with schools. The workshop can be  delivered to Foundation and Primary key stage one and two. Each workshop is unique to each school, as it is the children that dictate the content. They use the surroundings and their own emotions and experiences to create their own story and share their story with the rest of the class. The workshop is great for literacy as they use different types of words, communicate with others. We encourage them to collect photos and recordings so they can write down the story back at school. We have had such a wide variety of stories including appearances of gruffalos, spaceships, trolls and fairies.

We have especially enjoyed schools booking sessions at our workshop this autumn. All of our other outdoor workshops rely on the spring and summer season, so it is great to be able to offer schools an experience in autumn. The woodland is such an amazing space to spark imagination and ideas and allow those creative juices to flow. It is even better in autumn when it is dry and cool and the leaves are starting to turn colour. The changing season makes the woodland seem more alive and the perfect setting for a magical story.

Being outdoors is also proven to boost children’s feel-good factors and make them feel better about themselves. As long as they are warm and dry, being outdoors can be a great way to inspire them and get them working in a different way.

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