Follow up work from schools

At the end of each workshop we ask the children for feedback on what they have learnt and what they enjoyed the most. This is just a quick indication on what they have gained from the workshop. We also ask the teacher to complete a feedback form on whether the learning outcomes have been met and what we can improve for the future.

However, it is really nice when we receive work completed by the children when they return to school. We are able to see what they remember after their visit and what they have really learned from the experience. It also makes our staff feel really special.

These letters were received from Lincoln Gardens Primary School in Scunthorpe. We visited the year one class in November 2014 with our ‘Toy Story’ workshop. During the KS1 workshop the children were able to have a go at playing with toys from the Tudor period to the modern day. They also looked at what they are made of and how they worked.

Thanks to Lincoln Gardens Primary School for sending such lovely letters. We really like the pictures that you have drawn and the neat handwriting. There were so many fantastic examples, it was hard for us to pick out three to include.