Takeover Day at Normanby Hall Country Park

North Lincolnshire Museum Service takes part in Takeover Day every year. This year it was at Normanby Hall Country Park with three students from St Hugh’s Communication and Interaction College.

The students were working on a conservation project with Sarah Plant, the Housekeeper at Normanby Hall. The Hall is closed to the public during winter and all the items of furniture, objects and pictures are cleaned and conserved to keep them in good order for the future.  The chandeliers have to be lowered down from the ceiling and each individual glass droplet is taken off and polished. This is what the three students spent the morning doing.


After a demonstration from Sarah the young people set about the task with a great deal of enthusiasm. As the students worked, Sarah talked about some of the history of the Hall. The young people found this really interesting and asked lots of questions. One of the girls wanted to know how long Sarah had been the house keeper and what her favourite part of the job was.


When the students had finished cleaning the chandelier, Sarah took them to see the oldest chandelier in the dining room. The chandelier was lit up and looked spectacular. The students were amazed by it and spent several minutes looking at it.

All three students enjoyed their time at Normanby Hall and comments included ‘This place is awesome.’, ‘I would like to work here.’ and ‘I am going to come back soon.’

We would welcome future projects with St Hugh’s Communication and Interaction College as both the staff and students got a lot out of the project.


Rachel Holmes, Learning Officer


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