First World War Secondary School Research

Each academic year, local secondary schools and academies come together at Normanby Hall to research soldiers from WW1. The three-day workshop focuses on the role of Normanby Hall as a recuperation hospital for injured troops.

Students engaging with objects

The students handle real objects from WW1 and learn how to use on-line resources to research the personal and military records of soldiers who were patients at the Hall.

One group, this year, were surprised to discover their soldier’s leg injury was likely to have been received as he tried to run away from the front line. After recovering in Normanby he then had to serve three years in military prison for cowardice.

The presentations and films demonstrated their tenacity when faced with the difficulties often faced by historic researchers.

Students presenting their research to other schools

The students also got the opportunity to have ‘hands on’ talks by Sarah Plant, the Housekeeper at Normanby Hall and Madeleine Grout , Decorative Arts Collections Assistant. This enabled them to see first hand how history is used in the workplace.

Students cleaning the chandeliers at Normanby Hall Country Park

The students research is helping the Museum Service to build a more detailed picture of the different soldiers who stayed at the Hall. It is also giving the students the opportunity to develop important skills for their future studies and careers.

Bev Oliver, Learning Officer