Harold Gosney: My life as an artist


Our temporary exhibition ‘My life as an artist’ by Harold Gosney came to the end this week. This exhibition has displayed a huge collection of sculpture and artwork much of which was inspired by animals, in particular horses.

As always we were keen to complement the exhibition with some play activities for families to help them explore and engage with the items on display.

The animal themes in the exhibition are wonderfully universal in appealing to even very young children who enjoyed spotting different animals and making animal noises or actions.

We chose a ‘how to draw a horse’ activity, inspired by Harold Gosney’s beautiful sketches, puppets and books on horses, instruments to make the noise of horses and some natural wooden building blocks to create a stable for little horses to live in.

All of these activities have been widely used and enjoyed by families throughout last few months. It has been particularly lovely to walk through the gallery each day and see the creations children have made with the blocks and left for others to see.

We are now busy preparing some activities for our next temporary exhibition ‘Fashion in colour’.

Rosalind Macaulay, Under 5s Learning Officer