New Curriculum feedback from teachers


We had a very successful history coordinators meeting at North Lincolnshire Museum this week. Nine teachers attended the session. We think both the teachers and Museum staff found the meeting very useful.  The teachers updated each other on how they were coping with the new history curriculum changes. One of the main concerns was about Ofsted and showing progression in history lessons. Many schools are topic based so were concerned that it wasn’t always easy to pull out the history from the topic if required. Others were still unsure of the most effective methods to show progression. A few examples were shared including assessment statements with columns to tick for beginning, developing and embedded.

The teachers also gave feedback on Museum workshops that have been developed in line with the new curriculum. The feedback for the ‘Anglo Saxon Lost Kingdom’ workshop was really positive. The teachers liked the new high quality resources including the vellum and dagger.


The ‘Lindsey goes Beserk’ workshop explores the Anglo Saxon and Viking struggle. Teachers thought the high quality dressing up was a real selling point as they would not be able to source such items themselves. The local history workshop ‘Scunthorpe Town in the Making’ is still being developed so the teachers had a chance to really influence the final product. They came up with some fantastic ideas that the Museum can use to enhance the workshop further.

The next history coordinators meeting is set for Monday 18 May 2015, 2pm or 4pm at Normanby Hall Country Park.

Lisa Howarth, Learning Manager