Creative Families Award


During April we invited three families to help us pilot a new programme for families with children aged 1-4 years called the Creative Families Award.

We worked in partnership with Cape UK and Dr Abigail Hackett, with the Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth to develop the award. They also supported us in piloting it at North Lincolnshire Museum and across the Humber Museum Partnership.

Creative Families is a precursor to the Arts Award programmes for older children and young people and is a wonderful first step for young children to engage with the arts and express their creativity.

There are four strands that run through the award:

Discover arts all around

Making and creating

Experience artists work

Share what they have experienced with someone else

At North Lincolnshire Museum we explored the museum on an art scavenger hunt looking for big, shiny, beautiful and noisy things.

We explored our current exhibition featuring the work of artist Harold Gosney, looking for animal sculptures, making animal noises, pretending to be animals and exploring materials like feathers and horse hair.

We experimented with air drying clay to make our own sculptures and also enjoyed making junk models of the children’s choices of two ducks and a T-Rex!

Our families worked hard to complete their own log books documenting their experiences during the sessions with notes, photos and children’s artwork.

We thoroughly enjoyed running these sessions and are excited about how we can develop this programme in the future.

Rosalind Macaulay, Learning Officer Under 5s